Academic Program of Term III 2018

Term III 2018 started with Senior Four, Five and Six reporting on 9th September and Senior One, Two and Three reporting 10th September. They underwent spiritual guidance and renewal through the students’ recollection on Saturday 15th September and Sunday 16th September by the Religious Office. Senior Four workshop days are scheduled to start on 22nd of September; and Senior two and three Academic Check day/ Visitation is to take place on the same day. On the 29th of September, The A Level Students will have an Internal Geography seminar while the A Level Physics students will have a physics seminar at Namagunga. The A Level Biology students will have an internal Biology seminar on the 30th of September. 1st October will mark the start of the holy month of the rosary, with General Rosary Prayers in the main Hall. On the 6th of October, the A Level Economics students will have an internal seminar. The Senior Four Pilgrimage to Kiwamirembe will be on the 7th October; on the same day, The Senior one and Five will have their Visitation day. The Candidates of 2018 will be blessed by the Bishop on the 10th October, with the UCE candidates briefing on Friday 12th October. Saturday 13th October, will mark the end of the Senior Four Novena prayers and this will be crowned with their Blessing/farewell mass and the day will end with Visitation of the Senior Four. There will be a careers day and Visitation for Senior Six on 14th October. On the 15th October, UCE UNEB Examinations will begin and so will the workshop days for Senior Six. The Senior Two class will have Careers’ Day on 21st October, and the same day will be a visitation day for Senior Three. The 26th od October will mark the end of the Senior Six workshop days and the Senior Six teaching time table will be withdrawn. Senior Six students will bid farewell to Parishioners of Namugongo in holy Eucharist of Mass, and the same day will be a visitation day for Senior One and Five. Internal Examinations/ Promotional Examinations will commence on 5th November, while the Senior Six candidate will be briefed on 9th November and will start their examinations n Monday 12th November. UCE UNEB examinations will end on Friday 16th November and TERM III 2018 will end on FRIDAY 23rd November.

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