Uganda Martyrs S.S Namugongo Library was named after the former Archbishop of Kampala, Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala. It’s situated on the First floor of a three story
Twekobbe building.
Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala Library was built in 1996 and officially opened in 2000 by his Lordship Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala. His Excellency Luigi Napolitano, the Italian ambassador to Uganda laid the foundation Stone on 9th August 1998.The Library exists to serve the entire Uganda Martyr’s S.S Community with Information. It is designed to meet the needs of all it’s Users among who include the Members of staff and the Students.The Library is divided into sections that is the O’Level and A’Level. The Library is opened in shifts from 8:00 a.m to 10.00 p.m. It contains over thirty thousand Volumes (30,000) of Collections. The collections include various textbooks,novels,magazines,bound News papers of New Vision,Bukedde,Straight Talk pullouts,Monitor,Testpapers,UNEB and UACE pastpapers for all classes and also there is Internet facility for the users.The Library accommodates approximately three hundrend forty Comfortable study places for reading and research as well as a conducive
and essential atmosphere that is required to archive the level of excellence exhibited by the School.
Uganda Martyrs S.S Namugongo, also has two Computer laboratories(For O’ level and A’ level),which are located on the first floor of the Fortieth anniversary building. As a School,its our initiative to see that Information Communication Technology is engineered among the students at quite an early age. The laboratory is
well furnished and the computers connected to a high speed broadband Internet. To aid studying the computer labaratory has a projector and White boards.The computers are are installed with the latest tutorials that take forms of games like Computer Assembling,Typing tutors and notes in soft copies.Hardware materials such as
Motherboards, Hard disks, PCI cards among others. All these Aid learning as students experience the hands-on kind of learning,very much knowing that this is a practical Subject.With such a facility in the school,the students body decided to come up with a club they called The COMPUTER CLUB. The school also has Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Foods and Nutrition laboratories.