About us

It is debatable whether if the Uganda Martyrs had not been killed in 1886, this school would have been founded. But what is not disputable is the fact that the martyrdom guided the founders, 85 years later, on the name Uganda Martyrs’ S.S Namugongo.

With Fifty four years down the road, and growing stronger; the inspiration of the martyrs had been indelible so much that they are extolled in the School Anthem and are implored daily to intercede for and bestow blessings on the school community. The school was founded by Late Msgr. Lawrence Mbwega, the parish priest then, who wrote a book in which he stated that three people should never be forgotten when naming founders of Uganda Martyrs’ S.S Namugongo: Jeremiah Munyigwa (deceased), Hellen Namazzi and Joseph Mugerwa. The trio rallied the parents of Namugongo Catholic Parish and in 1967 they started a humble project that has after fifty years become larger than life.