Ordinary Level (O' Level)

Uganda Martyrs S.S Namugongo is a mixed school with both Ordinary Level (O’ Level) and Advanced Level (A’ level). Ordinary level is one of the formal education options for learners who have completed primary education.

O’ Level starts from Senior One (S.1) up to Senior four (S.4). From Senior One 2020, the curriculum for
Ordinary level changed;

Subjects Taught at O’ level as by the new Curriculum (2020).


Subject Name


Science and Mathematics

Biology, Chemistry,
Physics, Physical Education and Mathematics

All Compulsory except General


English Language, Kiswahili,
Literature in English, Luganda and French

Only English is compulsory

Social Sciences

Geography, History, Religious

Only Geography and History are

Vocational Subjects

Commerce, Fine Art, 
Entrepreneurship Education , Computer Studies

All Optional


Physical Education is taught in all schools but is not examined by UNEB at the end of cycle.


At the end of Senior four the students are subjected to National examinations, Uganda Certificate Education (UCE) that promotes them to A’ Level. 

A’ Level constitutes two classes that is Senior five (S.5) and Senior six (S.6). 

Advanced Level (A' Level)

A’ Level constitutes two classes that is Senior five (S.5) and Senior six (S.6).

At Uganda Martyrs SS Namugongo, a Senior Five student can either join the Arts Faculty or Science faculty.


The cluster of subjects which are taught at the same time are as follows:

Fine Art/Luganda/Literature/French/Entrepreneurship Education.  Therefore, a student must select only one subject from this cluster.

Combinations in Faculty of Arts


Faculty of Sciences is divided into two sections that is Biological Science and Physical Science.

Biological Science Section:

All students admitted for Biological Sciences offer Biology and Chemistry.

Students pursuing Biological Sciences can only select Foods and Nutrition i.e. they must not select Fine Art, French Luganda, Literature in English nor Entrepreneurship from the cluster of elective subjects.

 Combination in Biological Sciences with Principal Mathematics.


Combinations in Biological Sciences without principal Mathematics:



Physical Science Section

All students admitted in this section pursue principal Mathematics and Subsidiary Computer studies.

Students can not pursue both Physics and Geography.

Students can not select Luganda, Literature in English nor Foods and Nutrition from the cluster shown below:

Fine Art/Luganda/Literature in English/French/Entrepreneurship/FN.

Combinations in Physical Sciences: